2020 Meeting

March 2nd-7th 2020, Laugarvatn, Iceland

NoWPaS 2020 will by hosted by the University of Iceland, next to the shores of Lake Laugarvatn.

Meet our keynotes!

Erika Eliason

Erika Eliason, University of California Santa Barbara

“The Eliason lab studies intraspecific variability and thermal tolerance in Pacific salmon. We are particularly interested in whether individual variation can enable salmon to survive and succeed in a changing world. Much of our research focuses on how climate change affects physiological performance across populations, age, body size, and sex in salmon. As an ecological physiologist, I use an integrative approach to examine questions across multiple levels of biological organization – from population, whole animal, organ, cellular to genome-level.”

Visit her lab website here: http://erikaeliason.com/


Kim Aarestrup, Technical University of Denmark

Kim has been studying salmonids for almost 30 years. Based in Denmark, he has focused much of his research on brown trout and Atlantic salmon (though he has done a great deal of work on multiple eel species). His work integrates simple physiology, behavioral ecology and experimental studies. Kim has used telemetry as a key tool for his work, exploring the mechanisms that drive migration timing and success, and what that implies for the conservation and management of salmonid species in Denmark.


  • The workshop is free for all delegates and is first come, first serve among eligible applicants.


  • TBA

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