2022 Meeting

March 1st – 4th

The application form for NoWPaS 2022 is now closed. Notices of application decisions will be sent on Monday, December 6th.

NoWPaS 2022 will be hosted by INRAE and ECOBIOP in the French Basque Country. Stay tuned for more details, and be sure to follow us on Twitter!

Meet our keynote speakers!

Line Elisabeth Sundt-Hansen works as a senior research scientist at The Norwegian Institute for Nature research. Her main field of expertise lies within the field of aquatic ecology, with an emphasize on salmonid ecology and how salmonids are affected by anthropogenic stressors, such as climate change, aquaculture and hydropower regulation. Sundt-Hansen has worked with topics such as impact of escaped farmed salmon on wild salmon stocks and on biodiversity, evolutionary effects of rapid growth in salmonids, environmental design of regulated salmon rivers and impact of future climate change on wild salmon stocks. She has a master’s degree in marine biology and a doctorate in ecology of salmonids from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Jean-Sébastien Moore is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology and the Institute of Integrative and Systems Biology at Université Laval in Québec City and is a member of Institut nordique du Québec, Centre d’études nordiques and Ressources aquatiques Québec. His team works on the applications of genomic and acoustic telemetry to inform conservation and management of native northern fishes, particularly anadromous salmonids. Many of his projects focus on the ecology and evolution of Arctic Char, a species of great cultural and economic importance in Northern Canada. He aims to design projects that answer both fundamental and applied research questions that address local priorities.

Anna Sturrock is an Assistant Professor and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the University of Essex working on fish migration and health. She spent eight years at the University of California exploring Chinook salmon habitat use and hatchery management, and the interplay between environmental conditions and the expression and selection of alternate life history strategies. She is now continuing this work in Europe and New Zealand, using isotopic tools and otolith increment analyses to reconstruct salmon growth rates, migration behaviour and diet, and individual and population responses to stressors such as warming, pollution and flow alteration.

Eric Verspoor is a professor of Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation and Management at the University of Highlands Inverness Rivers and Lochs Institute, Scotland. Eric has studied across the UK and Canada, with a PhD (Ecological Genetics) from the University of Nottingham, MEDes (Natural Resource Management) from the University of Calgary, and a BSc (Ecology) from McGill University. He has 40 years of experience using molecular genetic tools for researching areas related to fish conservation and fisheries management, focusing on salmonids, working in Canada, the UK and Europe, with 28 years in government, 10 in academia, all interacting with local conservation groups. His publications encompass 155+ scientific papers, books, chapters, and reports. Eric’s current research focus is on salmonid phylogeography and the drivers of population structuring and marine ecological genetics of Atlantic salmon.

Meet our guest speaker!

Mathieu Buoro is a research scientist at @inrae_ecobiop, a joint research unit of UPPA and INRAE. His domain of expertise is in evolutionary demography, and he is particularly interested in the evolution of life history strategies, (meta)population dynamics, dispersal tactics and response to selection. His work focuses mainly on eco-evolutionary responses of salmonids to climate change and selective exploitation by fisheries. To this end, Mathieu conducts experimental research in natura (e.g., capture-recapture) and in silico (e.g., individual-centered demogenetic modelling). He holds a master’s degree and doctorate in ecology and evolution from the University of Montpellier, France.

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