The International Year of the Salmon

Salmon & the People in a Changing World

The ‘International Year of the Salmon’ (IYS), is an initiative that focuses on raising the public and political awareness and understanding of the threats that wild salmon face worldwide. Moreover, it underlines the socio-economic benefits that salmon provide, as well as promotes the conservation and protection of wild populations and their habitats. The main IYS year is 2019; however actions will continue to be implemented up to 2022.

The principal organisations for the IYS are the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation (NASCO) and the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission (NPAFC). Moreover, the initiative is being supported by various nations including: Canada ∣ Denmark ∣ England ∣ Finland ∣ France ∣ Germany ∣ Japan ∣ Northern Ireland ∣ Norway ∣ Portugal ∣ Republic of Ireland ∣ Scotland ∣ Sweden ∣ United States ∣ Wales.

The IYS will unite people, scientist, organisations and governments from around the ‘salmosphere’, and provide them with the unique opportunity to share knowledge, inspire investment in research, create new tools and information systems, as well as stimulate the public to take appropriate actions for the management of salmon. This will be achieved through strategic outreach and research at three spatial scales; a. the ‘salmosphere’ or Northern Hemisphere scale, the basin scale (Pacific, Atlantic and Baltic), and at a local scale.

The framework is intended to highlight how we as humans, can assist in the conservation and restoration of salmon populations and their diverse habitats, and improve their resilience against the fast changing environment. As such, the theme of the campaign is ‘Salmon & People in a Changing World’.

Further Information

To find out more about the IYS, what actions, activities and events are being held in your country, and how you can support/assist in this initiative please follow the links below:

International Year of the Salmon –

North Atlantic Salmon Conservation –

North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission –

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