Information for Sponsors

The first NoWPaS workshop was held in 2005 in Norway, and was followed by others in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, England, Scotland, France, Wales, Ireland, Canada, and Iceland. Although it started out as European initiative, due to the migratory nature of the species, it has grown into a global meeting with Canadian and US early stage researchers regularly attending. These workshops have helped facilitate the sharing and dissemination of salmonid science. They have also been instrumental in initiating new international collaborations, as well as in identifying novel and timely research topics for the coming years.

The NoWPaS workshop has always been free to participants and this has greatly facilitated attendance by young scientists in the past. However,  the workshop relies on external funding sources to sustain this unique opportunity and therefore we hope that you will consider us for sponsorship to make future workshops a continued success. The various levels of funding are outlined in our visibility plan, with all contributions appreciated. Do not hesitate to contact us at for more information. We look forward to the participation of your organisation.

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