Publications by NoWPaS members 2000 / 2001

Finstad, A.G., Jansen, P.A., & Langeland, A. 2001. Production and predation rates in a cannibalistic Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus L.) population. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 10, 220-226.

Erkinaro, J., Karppinen, P., Mäkinen, T., Kaukoranta, M., Popov, N., & Lupandin, A. (2000) Restoring the Atlantic salmon stock of the River Tuloma – a pilot experiment using transplanted radio-tagged adult salmon. In: Advances in Fish Telemetry. A. Moore and I.C. Russell (eds.), CEFAS, Lowestoft, U.K. 229-235.

Finstad, A.G., Jansen, P.A., & Langeland, A. 2000. Gill net selectivity and size and age structure, of an alpine Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) population. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 57, 1718-1727.

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