NOWPAS 2017 Auction


The proceeds from the auction will go to cover the remaining cost from the 2017 NoWPas meeting held in Shaftesbury, England and additional funds not used this year will be applied to the NoWPas 2018 meeting in Finland.

When: Opens 15th April 9am GMT

Closes 1 May 5pm GMT

Where: NoWPaS Facebook group (to join click here)

How to bid: Bidding will take place in the comments section on the Facebook post. The winning bid will be the highest when the auction closes! Currency for all bids is GBP.

X1 biomark 601 reader. Retail price $650 USD (522 GBP)

200 high performance HPT12 tags in pre-loaded needles. Retail price $700 USD (563 GBP)

The Biomark 601 Reader is a versatile handheld reader that withstands the elements. It is water resistant, durable and designed exclusively for the researcher that needs the highest quality and performance in a light‐weight, simple operation handheld device. This reader detects FDX‐B (134.2 kHz), FDX‐A (125 kHz) and HDX tags. It includes features such as a time/date stamp with each tag read and decimal or hexadecimal display. The 601 has a 1500 tag code memory capacity that is easily downloaded using Biomark Tag Manager. The Biomark 601 Reader comes with a combined battery charger/AC Power Supply/RS‐232 communication cable, rechargeable NiMH batteries, AA batteries, test tag and a user manual.

The Biomark HPT12 tag are preloaded in a single use needle. The tags are secured inside the needle so there is no worrying about tags falling out of the needle before implanting. They eliminate the need to disinfect between implants, making it a very efficient and safe tagging system. All Biomark PIT tags are ISO 11784 and 11785 compliant and ICAR approved. Requires the MK-25 implant gun. Used trays, lids and needles can be sent back to Biomark to be recycled.

X2 yearly subscriptions to the DCS app. Retail price: $360 USD each (289 GBP; DCS BrochurePDF)

Note: Subscriptions will be auctioned individually; therefore, the two highest bidders when the auction closes will receive one yearly subscription each.

The Data Collection Station (DCS) application decreases the cost and time required to gather and process fish data.  The DCS app provides immediate access to all your field-data and eliminates the errors and delays associated with data transcription from paper to PC.

The DCS App provides these benefits:

  • Eliminate the time and errors associated with transcription of data from paper to PC.
  • Streamline and speed up your data-taking.
  • Real-time feedback to easily guide dynamic or quota-driven studies.
  • Increased accuracy of fish measurements by creating a standardized process across multiple users
  • Immediate access to your data; no more transcribing, no more waiting.
  • QC module validates data to your specifications when the data is entered, not later when corrections aren’t possible