The main objective of NoWPaS is the staging of an annual international workshop where both PhD and post-doctoral delegates and keynote senior researchers can gather, exchange knowledge and ideas, and hold discussions in an interdisciplinary environment.

The annual workshop usually takes place during March or April, and consists of a series of presentations given by both PhD and post-doctoral delegates and invited keynote speakers. Doctoral and post-doctoral participants present the results of their research. This gives them the opportunity to receive feedback on their own work, to be informed of the work of fellow delegates and to be made aware of new developments within the field. Established senior scientists are invited to present their work and highlight areas where future research is required. Through this, the NoWPaS workshops allow both new and established researchers to meet and discuss areas of interest in an informal manner, and are a great platform for PhD and post-doctoral candidates to meet and talk to internationally recognised scientists.

A range of events related to the salmonid research also take place at the same time as the annual workshop.  This  usually consists of a day activities organised by the host committee. Previous such activities have included field excursions, visits to research installations, practical training classes, guided tours and talks from local experts. 

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NoWPaS uses several different communication methods in order to maintain a network of early-career salmonid researchers.  These are: (a) the NoWPaS webpage (www.nowpas.eu), (b) a NoWPaS members emailing list, (c) the NoWPaS Facebook group, (d) the NoWPas Tweeter account, and (e) the NoWPaS instagram account. Those are accessible to all researchers within the NoWPaS network.