About NoWPaS

In 2005, a new Nordic network was established for PhD and Post Doctoral students within salmonid research. Today, NoWPaS is a global network with more than 100 members and workshops held with great success in Sweden (2006), Finland (2007), Denmark (2008), England (2009), Scotland (2010), France (2011) , Norway (2012), Wales (2013), Sweden (2014), Ireland (2015), Canada (2016), England (2017), Finland (2018), Scotland (2019), Iceland (2020), and virtually (2021). NoWPaS 2022 will be held in the French Basque Country.

NoWPaS aims to explore, share and build knowledge among salmonid early career researchers.

Our primary objectives are:

  1. To build and maintain an international network of early career salmonid researchers.
  2. To help promote collaboration and knowledge exchange among NoWPaS members.
  3. To strengthen and build upon current research and knowledge of anadromous salmonids through collaboration and exposure to experienced senior researchers.

NoWPaS has succeeded in organizing annual workshops since its inception in Norway in 2005. Over the past 16 years, a total of 447 early-stage researchers and 67 invited speakers have had the opportunity to give oral presentations regarding their research on salmonids.

We are interested in everything related to salmonids including behaviour, physiology, genetics, conservation and more!

Photo by Kim Birnie-Gauvin

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