Looking forward to NoWPaS 2021!

It is now one week until NoWPaS 2021! The International Workshop for PhD and Post-doctoral Fellows working on Anadromous Salmonids are meeting up again on March 3rd-5th, but things will be a bit different this year! Due to COVID-19 considerations, we have moved our workshop online so that early career researchers from everywhere can join the workshop and share their work! Speakers and delegates will be meeting online to present their talks on salmonid research. We can´t wait to listen to all of the presentations on a large range of topics! 

Whilst planning this year’s workshop, it was important for the committee to try to keep the atmosphere and the experience for attendees as similar as possible to those of previous workshops taking place in-person and on-site. Even though everyone is meeting through a screen, there will also be opportunities for everyone to get to know each other better, and build connections and share experiences. This year 33 postgraduate researchers and post-doctoral fellows, and four keynote speakers, are attending NoWPaS. We hope that everyone will enjoy this workshop whilst learning about current research on salmonids. The committee is excited to meet everyone (online) on March 2nd, starting off with a short mixer where people would be able to get to know one another before the workshop starts! We would like to thank our sponsors for contributing to the workshop this year!

Stay safe everyone and we will see you online!

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