NoWPaS: A short background

NoWPaS is an international network open for membership to early stage researchers working on wild salmonids. It was initiated in Norway in 2005 with the support of the Norwegian Research Council, in order to enhance dissemination of knowledge regarding the ecologically and socially important fish species Salmo salar L. and Salmo trutta L..

The primary aims of NoWPaS are:

– To build and maintain an international network of early career salmonid researchers.

– To help promote collaboration and to knowledge exchange within the between NoWPaS members.

– To increase the current research and knowledge on anadromous salmonids through collaboration and exposure to experienced senior researchers.

NoWPaS has succeeded in organizing annual workshops since its inception in Norway in 2005. Over the next fourteen years, a total of 380 early-stage researchers and 59 invited speakers have had the opportunity to give oral presentations regarding their novel research in the field of salmonids.

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During the last few decades, scientific investigation into Salmo salar and Salmo trutta has become increasingly relevant and will continue to be so in the future. Research conducted by PhD and post-doctoral researchers will play an important and central role in the advancement of our knowledge of these ecologically and socially important species. Therefore, NoWPaS welcomes new members each year.

Photos taken by Kim Birnie-Gauvin and Magdalene Papatheodoulou